mirhunt (former MIRP)

      mirhunt is a software designed to automate the searching for microRNA binding sites by using different prediction algorithms. It was designed to be used with human mRNA sequences only. Three algorithms are supported by mirhunt: RNAhybrid, miRanda and IntaRNA. These algorithms (third party softwares) must be previously installed.
      The binding sites are scored using a database containing the binding energy of each microRNA to thousands of different human mRNA sequences. This application helps you to select the most stable bindings, or the most specific ones, or both, avoiding arbitrary cutoffs.

How to install:
The zip file contains precompiled binaries for OSX (Mac), Linux 64bit and Linux 32bit.

Current hla-mapper version: 0.4a

Download mirhunt
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manual/readme file   (download)

How to cite hla-mapper:
The strategy implemented by mirhunt was introduced here, as the former version named MIRP.
MicroRNAs targeting the immunomodulatory HLA-G gene: a new survey searching for microRNAs with potential to regulate HLA-G. Mol Immunol. 2015 Jun;65(2):230-41. doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2015.01.030


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