Welcome to the Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics Laboratory (Castelli's Lab). Our group is strongly oriented towards immunogenetic research using molecular, genomic and bioinformatic approaches to provide new information and hypotheses concerning the evolutive history, function, variability and regulation of genes associated with the immune system.
     Our lab is located at the School of Medicine's Experimental Research Unit (UNIPEX), from the University of the State of São Paulo - Unesp, Botucatu city, Brazil.

Experimental Research Unity (UNIPEX), Sector 5
Experimental Research Unity (UNIPEX)
Sector 5, School of Medicine - UNESP
Botucatu-SP, Brazil
   School of Medicine of Botucatu - UNESP
School of Medicine of Botucatu
Univ. Estadual Paulista - UNESP
Botucatu-SP, Brazil
Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics Lab


- Introducing hla-mapper version 2.2. Link to the hla-mapper website.
- Introducing article "HLA-E regulatory and coding region variability and haplotypes in a Brazilian population sample". Link to this article.
- We present VCFx version 1.1b. This new version fixed a bug when exporting small sequences and introduces many new functions. Link to the VCFx website.


Office:+55 14 3880 1696
Laboratory:   +55 14 3880 1749
Fax:  +55 14 3815 2348
E-mail:  castelli@fmb.unesp.br
Laboratory address (in portuguese)
Unidade de Pesquisa Experimental, Bloco 5
Faculdade de Medicina
Prof. Dr. Walter Maurício Correa, s/n
Unesp, Campus de Botucatu
Botucatu - SP, Brasil
CEP 18618-681

Office address (in portuguese)
Erick C. Castelli
Departamento de Patologia
Faculdade de Medicina
Av. Dr. Mario Rubens Guimarães Montenegro, s/n
Unesp, Campus de Botucatu
Botucatu - SP, Brasil
CEP 18618-687